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Music page

These sound samples are from a 2-CD set of Wink's greatest hits. Because these are singles, most of them are upbeat; however, the girls did a variety of ballads, as well. Though their music was largely dance-pop, it incorporated many different styles of music. If you listen carefully, you can hear quite a variety of influences underneath the dance beats: Latin, glam-rock, old-fashioned rock'n'roll, reggae, and even Russian music, to name a few!

I'll be adding more samples from Wink's other CD's, which will include more ballads. Enter the wonderful world of Wink...or if you're familiar with j-pop music, prepare to relive some memories!

Sugar Baby Love: Wink's first single...quite an improvement on the original!

Amaryllis: Their second single, a lovely ballad.

Ai ga tomaranai: Their first #1, a remake of Turn It Into Love.

Namida wo misenaide: A Japanese cover of an English song, Boys Don't Cry. Another #1!

Samishii Nettaiya ~Heart On Wave~: Wink's first #1 that wasn't a cover of an English hit.

Mayonka no angel ~One Night In Heaven~: Another #1, a Japanese version of an English song.

Sexy Music: A hyper slice of early '90s dance-pop.

Yoru Ni Hagurete ~Where Were You Last Night~: Shades of Europop and big-hair rock color this powerful number.

New moon ni aimashou: Though this is an upbeat track, it's still a great showcase for Wink's pretty harmonies.

Kitto atsui kuchibiru: A change of pace, with slower verses punctuated by a more upbeat refrain.

Manatsu no tremolo: Various European influences can be heard in this passionate dance number.

Haitoku no scenario: The sound evokes images of Eastern Europe, while remaining highly upbeat and modern.

Tsuiokuno heroine: This track has a definite Latin flavor, reminiscent of a festival in Rio!

Matenrou museum: This more rock-flavored song was yet another big hit.

Furimukanaide: A pretty, sophisticated pop song that features more of Wink's harmonies.

Real na yume no jouken: This dramatic song alternates between crunching guitars, pretty vocals, and a pop/rock refrain.

Eien no lady doll (?): A Japanese cover of a haunting French pop song.

Kekkon shiyoune: Pop/rock with a touch of Motown...a lot of fun!

Sakihokore itoshisayo: This pretty track has guitars reminiscent of arabian music!

Itsumademo sukide itakute: An airy, romantic ballad proving that the girls didn't need heavy production to work their sweet magic!

Twinkle, Twinkle: A lovely pop confection!

Intro to above song: Worth a listen, so you can hear Wink's lovely harmonies, unadorned by glossy production!

Cherie, Mon Cherie: A smooth reggae song, which just made it into the Top 30, in 1994.

Watashitachi rashii rule: A lovely ballad, but Wink's first single not to reach the Top 40.

Jive Into The Night: This highly upbeat dance number was Wink's lowest-charting single, reaching only #92.

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